Spark eTXT

Scheduling Messages

Simple to set-up, eTXT allows you to Schedule your SMS Messages for a future time. Recurring messages can also be scheduled which will reduce your workload and make sure your team never misses an important meeting again.

Once you have composed your message as usual, click the Schedule button rather than the Send button. You will then be able to pick a date and time for the delivery.

Please note: Messages cannot be scheduled for within the next hour. If you need to send a message within the next hour, please save the message as a draft and manually send out the message at the correct time.

The easiest way to schedule a one off message is to use the calendar to find a day, click that date and then edit the time of delivery. Your calendar will show other messages you have scheduled which is handy if you need to add this one in reference to any others or to avoid sending too many messages to the same recipients on the same day!

Alternatively, you can click Schedule again and choose from the delivery options.

Advanced Scheduling Options

Recurring Messages

The process for recurring messages is similar to that for a single message, you can even change a one-off message to a repeating one by editing it after it has been created. When creating or editing a scheduled message, if you want it to repeat then check the Repeats... check box and choose the period type (day, week, month or year) and a number between 1 and heaps. Each period also has different options that makes sense when you see it in action.

Time Zones

Handy for if some of your team is not in the next room, you can schedule a message for delivery in a different time zone. Think of it as time travel without the jet lag.

Scheduling to Groups

If you schedule a message to a Group, the recipients will be looked up as the message is about to be sent. This is a very powerful feature when you use recurring messages as it allows you to update your Groups with new members, delete old ones and the next time the message is sent it will go the new set of recipients.

Viewing Future Messages#

You can view future messages by clicking the Scheduled Messages menu item. The list view shows your upcoming messages and allows you to click through to view recipients and edit the schedule.

To get other perspectives on your future messages toggle between List, Day, Week and Month views.