Spark eTXT

Sending to Multiple Recipients

The power of eTXT is in the ease of use for group messaging and team communication. Generally, Groups are sufficient for your needs but there are occasions where you need to send a one-off message to a set of clients from another database. You can copy a list of numbers directly into the eTXT compose page to box. If you are copying a column of numbers from Microsoft Excel then it will work without any modifications. If you are copying from somewhere else then make sure there is a space or new line between each number.

Bulk Send

Alternatively, you can browse to your file of numbers by clicking the bulk send icon to the far right of the to field. Your file can simply contain a list of numbers in international format with one number per line, but if you have additional information in the CSV, such as name or appointment date/time, you may wish to use our more sophisticated 'SMS Merge' format. Once the file is uploaded, you can click the 'Insert Tags' button to enter the name of the person in the message, or any other information that's in the file.

When sending any message you should consider the opt out responses. See the info box below for more information as it is especially important when sending bulk messages.

Opt Outs

Opt out is a commonly used phrase meaning that a recipient has indicated they no longer wish to receive messages from a sender. When someone opts out, they should be immediately removed from any list, regardless of how the recipient originally got on the list. For this reason, it's important to end your message with 'Reply stop to opt out'.

Opting out is automatically done when someone replies with stop, but you can set up custom stop keywords. You can also block a number through your inbox, in case someone replies with 'don't message me anymore' and doesn't use the stop keyword.