Spark eTXT

Exporting Message Data

Message Detail

The message properties and export options allow you to view and save data outside of eTXT if you need it for audit or other purposes.

Within the Conversation view, the status pie can be clicked to examine the recipient details and view or select a subsets of recipients for follow up messaging. Select the recipients by status to Resend, Start a new conversation or Block them. Resending will create a new message with all the same content as the last one. This is useful if you need to resend a message to a group that were unable to be reached.

You can start a new conversation with some or all of the recipients which is useful when you need to follow up the last one. For example you had 50 people respond to your first message and now you want to send a new message to only that 50.

Exporting Message Data

A message list or message detail can be exported to a standard CSV file using the Export option. This gives you the ability to take the data from eTXT and work with it in other applications such as Microsoft Excel.

If you require more information than is available in these data exports your administrator can run reports or you can contact Spark for customised eTXT reports (costs may apply).