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Importing Contacts

You'll have the ability to import contacts when adding or editing a Group.

Please note: If you want to send a message to a list of recipients one time only, it's easier to go to the Compose page, and import your spreadsheet by clicking Select CSV File.

Spreadsheet File Format

To import your contacts, you must have a spreadsheet that is in CSV format (in Microsoft Excel, click 'Save As' and then select CSV).

The first line of an import file is the header row. The minimum import is a file with a number header, followed by a number on each line after:

However, we recommend that you at least include the name of the contact in this as well, plus any other important information that needs to be stored about the contact. In the example below, users "John Stamos" and "Nicky Tomb" are in no groups, but "Christine in Accounting" is in the "Work" and "Play" groups:

You can import any field to an eTXT Contact - eg. company, position, function, city, department, country. Just remember that if you're importing a custom field, it needs to be added under Contact Settings > Contact Properties before you try to import the list. For example adding contact properties as such:

Means we can import a spreadsheet containing:

Spreadsheet Set-up

IMPORTANT: To ensure you won’t have any errors when importing the CSV, please read the following rules to make sure your spreadsheet is ready to upload. 

Import Error messages

If you try to import contacts and get an error message in return, it means there's something in the spreadsheet that is not formatted correctly. The possible error messages are:

Error messageHow to fix this

Import with an invalid/missing Number header

eTXT can't find the word 'Number' in the first row of your spreadsheet. Make sure the first row of your spreadsheet has 'Number' in cell A1, 'Name' in B1 etc. 

Import with an invalid/missing name header

eTXT can't find the word 'Name' in the first row of your spreadsheet. Make sure the first row of your spreadsheet has 'Number' in cell A1, 'Name' in B1 etc. 

Import a blank file

There was a problem with import, make sure the file is CSV and the format is plain text (no pivot tables etc.)

Import with invalid number

Make sure the mobile numbers are in international format (6427 instead of 027) and there are no spaces, hyphens or special characters in the middle of the number eg. (6427) 123-4567

Import with invalid name

Make sure names do not have special characters or are longer than 70 characters long.

Import with duplication eg. Alias is duplicated

There is already a contact in the database with this information saved under their contact. For example, there can only be one contact in your database with a specific alias, so you'll need to update the alias on the spreadsheet to make it different. 

Alias contains illegal character, is malformed or is too longAn alias must be less than 64 characters and only contain alpha-numeric characters, hyphen, underscore or full-stop (no spaces or special characters).

Unrecognised heading 'X'

If you'd like to store this information on eTXT, add 'X' under Contact Settings>Contact properties with the exact same spelling before importing the spreadsheet.

If you wouldn't like to store this information on eTXT, delete the column labelled 'X' in the spreadsheet before importing the spreadsheet.

Duplicated numberTwo numbers in the column containing phone numbers are duplicated. This error message will tell you which row of the spreadsheet has a duplicated number so you can remove it.

If you've checked this and you're still not sure why your spreadsheet won't import, you can send your spreadsheet to the eTXT Support team and they will be able to help you get it in the correct format.

Importing via HTTP POST 

As well as being able to import Contacts interactively, we also offer the ability to import Contacts via an HTTP POST to the URL.

The http parameters are as follows:



Your eTXT user login


Your eTXT user password


The System Identifier of the Group you wish to import into. (Recommended)


The Alias of the Group you wish to import into. (Alternative to absid)


The Name of the Group you wish to import into. (Alternative to absid. Not recommended, because it will fail if the Group is renamed)


The legacy 'Address Book Id' of the Group you wish to import into. (Alternative to absid. Not recommended, and will not work for newly created Groups)


Do you wish to use 'Merge Mode' or not? Valid values: 'true' or 'false'. Defaults to 'false


Which field would you like to use as the Import Key. Defaults to you Company's 'Contact Key' as defined in 'Contact Settings'. Options are:

  • number
  • name
  • email
  • alias
  • publicid (ie: Public Identifier)
  • systemid (ie: System Identifier)

This is best illustrated via an example using cURL:

curl -k -F "username=foo" -F "password=bar" -F "absid=G#272478" -F "key=number" -F "merge=true" -F "file=@test.csv"