Spark eTXT

Exporting Contacts

Contacts can be exported from the Group management screen. Upon clicking Export you will be prompted for a local location and filename to which you wish to save the Group Contacts.

When exporting you have the option of also including 'Public Identifiers', which is useful if your organisation imports Contacts with this value defined.

The Exported File contents are fully compatible with the Import File format. Column headings are as follows:

TypeIndicates the type of contact. Options are: contact, user, or group.
NameThe name of the Contact, User or Group
NumberThe phone number of the Contact or User
AliasThe alias of a Contact or Group. The login name of a User.
Public IdThe public-identifer for the Contact or Group
GroupThe pipe-delimited list of Groups that the Contact, User or Group is a member of
Group Public IdsThe pipe-delimited list of Public Identifiers that the Contact, User or Group is a member of

Optional properties such an 'Email', or other Custom fields, are also exported as columns if they are enabled on the Security Domain used by the Group being exported.

In the following example "Joe Famous" is in two groups; "Authors" and "Directors":

"Type","Name","Number","Alias","Public Id","Group","Group Public Ids"
"contact","Anglea McFiction","770000001","ang","C342334","Authors", "G0001"
"contact","Joe Famous","770000002","bigjoe","C724421","Authors|Directors", "G0001|G007"