Spark eTXT

Account Settings and Customisation

Updating User Details


Most of your personal options are maintained and managed by a Company Administrator. However, your personal information can be managed on your Profile page.

Field NamePurpose
NameYour name is visible to other users within your company and can be changed at any time.
PasswordClick on the change password text to bring up the change password dialogue. On-screen instructions will help you set a password compliant with your organisations selected password policy.
Mobile NumberYour mobile number is an important detail to have correct if you are using the forward to mobile or Instant Messaging service. Please note that users cannot share a mobile number (no duplicates).
CountryYour country affects operation of the product, our smart number helper uses your country to work out the correct destination number formats. Country is also used to set your billing currency. It cannot be changed at this time and you must contact support
Time ZoneChange the time zone to alter the way times and dates are displayed in the web site. This does not alter the time displayed on SMS messages (on the handsets) but will give you freedom to be able to view the website in a local time zone.


A User can control some of their prefered behaviour, such as the 'Home' Page they see when they log in, on the Preferences page.

Field NamePurpose

Home Page

If you'd prefer to have a sequential expanded list of messages select All Messages and that will be the default option after login or after a send. Inbox is the default.

Conversational Message Threading

Conversational Message Threading groups all messages within a related thread under a single conversation much like Gmail/Outlook and similar. With this box unchecked, threading will be disabled and all inbound messages regardless of conversation will be shown in your Inbox as well as your sent folder.

Message Length

By default eTXT is configured to restrict you to sending one message part (160 char ascii or 70 char if the message contains any special characters). You can increase this limit here.

This long message setting will be applied to all your sent messages (email, web and API) to allow longer messages if you require them.

While each message part is one SMS and will be billed as such, the recipient will generally receive and see one long message (carrier and handset dependant) and each long message counts as a single message towards any company/system message limits.

Keep Messages

This sets the time period after which messages are automatically trashed/deleted. Useful if you want to keep your inbox manageable or are an Email2SMS user only.

Web and Mobile Source Number

If you have multiple numbers, alpha tags or reply to mobile numbers assigned to your User you can choose to set a default for all messages sent via the Web or Mobile Application.

Email/Outlook Source Number

If you have multiple numbers, alpha tags or reply to mobile numbers assigned to your User you can choose to set a default for all messages sent via Outlook Messaging or Email2SMS. This allows you to set the source on Email2SMS traffic which is not possible over email itself.

API Source Number

If you have multiple numbers, alpha tags or reply to mobile numbers assigned to your User you can choose to set a default for all messages sent via the API.


Decide the type of notification, if any, you want to receive when a new message arrives for you in eTXT


These settings are shown only if Email2sms is enabled for your user by your Company Administrator.Account settings,

Field NamePurpose

Email Signature Separator Regex

If you are sending long messages then you should consider reducing the risk that long messages sent via email will contain standard signature/footer text included by corporate email systems. The Signature separator setting allows you to define a custom string that will be stripped (along with all text after it) from the email when it is forwarded by SMS. By Default, the service uses accepted Internet standards to determine where an email signature is included, looking for '-- ' (dash dash space) unless another is defined in your eTXT Settings. More information available in the Email2SMS Documentation

Addresses and domains enabled for SMS via Email

If the User is allowed to send SMS via email then any addresses verified and assigned to this User are also listed on this page.

Request an additional Email2SMS address

Clicking this link opens a dialogue permitting you to fill out a request for an additional email address to be activated by your Administrator. Your Administrator will receive a request for this within their Action Items list and can approve it with a single click.

Company Administration

Company Administrators have additional options including security settings, company limits and user management. To view the documentation on company administration click here.

All online signups have full administrative access. Administrators can add sub-users or other Administrators. Sub-users do not have administrative function.

If you are a postpaid customer usually the nominated individual in the organisation becomes an Administrator User within eTXT and then administers the company.