Spark eTXT

Recent Message RSS Feed

You may wish to view your recent messages in an RSS Reader, or your own custom application.

Use secure HTTPS GET or POST to view such messages via in either RSS or ATOM format.

API Feed Parameters#

Recognised URL encoded parameters for retrieving messages are:

Name (case sensitive)Valid ValuesDescriptionRequired?



User name for authentication (same as used for logging into the website). User name and password may be passed as form encoded parameters, or in the HTTP Authorization header in Basic format.




Your account password.



"ATOM" or "RSS"

Result format

NO. Default feed format is ATOM 1.0


"out" or "reply"

The type of messages to return

NO. By default we return both out and reply



The maximum number of messages to return. Note that no more than 300 messages will be returned.

NO. Defaults to 8

Your application should parse the resulting XML feed and display or manipulate your recent messages.

Details of your account including account balance, type and currency is included in the feed results. This will allow you to monitor your account status and initiate a payment before your service is restricted.

Feed Example#

To view an example of an ATOM feed, click here. To view an example of an RSS feed, click here.