Spark eTXT

Blocked Numbers

SMS messaging is a very personal form of communication and you should take as much care with the people you message as possible. If someone doesn’t want to receive your messages, then they shouldn’t. To help you stay on the good side of your customers and prevent any accidents, you'll need to make use of the eTXT blocking functionality.

In your Contact Settings, you’ll be able to set up Stop Keywords. As soon as someone replies with this keyword, they will automatically be added to your Blocked Numbers list (you’ll often see this is used when a text says ‘Reply STOP to opt out’). This means that if you attempt to text them in future, the message won’t go through and you’ll be given the status ‘Blocked’. 


What if someone asks me to stop messaging but didn’t use a Stop Keyword? 

If you are going through message replies and you see that someone has replied saying ‘Don’t message me anymore’, this won’t be picked by eTXT as it isn’t included as one of the Stop Keywords. To manually add someone to your Blocked Numbers list, click on the reply they’ve sent through, then click the ‘Block’ button. 


What if I’ve accidentally added someone to the Blocked Numbers list? 

Click on Contacts > Blocked Numbers. Here you’ll be able to view all numbers blocked from your account. If you need to remove one of these numbers, tick the box for the number, and click ‘delete’. You’ll now be able to send that person messages again. 

IMPORTANT:  Make sure you ask someone before unblocking them. Unblocking numbers without permission of the recipient may result in your eTXT account being cancelled. 

I can’t unblock a certain number, why is this? 

Some numbers may not be editable. If that is the case then these have been added by your administrator or at the system level. Do not ask to get them removed as they have been added at the explicit request of the recipient.