Spark eTXT

Creating New Users and Accounts

If there are multiple people in your organisation that need access to eTXT, you may want to set up additional users or accounts. You can do that by filling out this online form

What is an Account? 

An eTXT account (also known as a company) is created when you initially sign up to eTXT. A new company should be created when: 

Note: Setting up a new Company on eTXT will incur a set-up fee. 

What is a user? 

A user represents each separate login that there is to your eTXT Company. An eTXT user is automatically created a company is created, but you may want to have additional users. There are different kinds of users depending on what kind of access the person needs. 

We recommend that you create a new user each time a new person in your organisation needs to have access to eTXT. The benefits of having separate users are: 

Note: Setting up a new user will incur a $10/month fee. 

What is an Email2SMS user? 

If a person only needs to be able to send an Email2SMS and doesn’t need to access the Web Portal, then you don’t need to set up a completely new user. You can add them as an Email2SMS user underneath My Settings > Email2SMS. This person can easily send text messages from their email inbox but won’t get their own login to the Web Portal.