Spark eTXT

Using Consistent Numbering

Your eTXT account has been set up with a rotary of sending numbers, which is what allows recipients to reply to messages at no cost. This means that if you send a message to 2 different people, they will each receive the message from different numbers. Additionally, when you send a second message to those recipients, they will receive the messages from a new different number.

Example: You send a message to Sarah and John. Sarah receives the message from 12345678 and John receives it from 87654321. Later that day, you send Sarah and John a follow up message - Sarah receives the message 246810 and John receives it from 1357911. This is how eTXT will work by default.

Turning on Default Consistent Numbering means that when you send your second/third/fourth message to both recipients, they will receive the messages from the same number they received the first message from - for example, Sarah will receive them from 12345678 and John will receive them from 87654321. 

When should you use Consistent Numbering?

Consistent Numbering should be used by most eTXT users. This is because the more messages you send, it builds your relationship with your staff/customers through the texting channel. If you are going to contact them on a regular basis, you can even ask the recipient to save the number in their phone as a contact, so they know when you send them messages in the future.

Please note: Consistent Numbering will only work as long as you are messaging a recipient at least once every few months. Otherwise, the consistent number will be 'forgotten', and the recipient will be assigned a new one.

When should you not use Consistent Numbering?

If there are multiple people sending messages to the same recipients from your eTXT account, it's important to know that recipients will only be able to respond to the most recent message

Example: You send an eTXT message to Jordan, asking him to provide you with some information you need. Shortly after, your colleague, Steph, sends Jordan a message letting him know about the appointment he has coming up. Because Consistent Numbering is on, both these messages will be put in the same conversation on Jordan's phone. This means that any reply that Jordan sends back will go to Steph, no matter who the reply is intended for. 

A situation like this can cause internal issues, so if this is a possibility, it's best to leave Default Consistent Numbering off.


How to turn on Default Consistent Numbering

To turn on Consistent Numbering, go to Company Settings>Company Limits and scroll to the bottom of the page. Tick the 'Default Consistent Numbering' box and then click 'Save'.

Using One-off Consistent Numbering

If you don't want to use Consistent Numbering all the time, you do have the ability to select 'Use Consistent Numbering' on the Compose page, which means the message will be sent from the same number as the last number they received a message from.