Spark eTXT

Checking Unreceived Messages

Once you've sent a message, it's important to check and make sure that everyone you sent the message to has received it. There are a few different ways you can do this, depending on if you'd like to check the reporting for a particular message sent, or for a specific time period.

What to do with unreachable numbers

If you do find a number that hasn't received a message, the most common reason for this is that the mobile number is incorrect. Either it's been copied into eTXT incorrectly, or the recipient has changed mobile number since you collected their information. The best next step is to follow up with the customer through a different method, to confirm what their correct phone number is. If the mobile number is correct and they still didn't receive the message, send an email to, containing your username, the message content, and the number that didn't receive the message.

Reporting for a specific message

When you'd like to check reporting for a specific message:

  1. Go to Messages > Sent Messages
  2. Click on the message you'd like to view the reporting for
  3. Click on the message status pie chart (this will be either green, red, or a mix of the two)

This will give you an overview of the status reports for the message you've sent. If you'd like to find the exact phone numbers that couldn't be delivered, click on the (i) icon. This will open a new window containing names/phone numbers and message status.

Reporting for a time period

If you'd like to get a list of the numbers that didn't receive a message for say, the last month:

  1. Go to Reports > Reports
  2. Select your preferred date/time period and click 'Run Report'
  3. Underneath the 3 reporting tabs, select the one labelled 'Messages'
  4. Scroll down the page and click the blue 'Export Report Data' button
  5. Open the downloaded file

From here, you can filter/sort by the column 'Status'. If a message wasn't received, it will have the status NUR.