Spark eTXT

Message Delivery Statuses

When you send a message, you may want to check that the message has been delivered to the recipient. This can be viewed in the Reports section of eTXT.

It's important to know what happens when a message is sent. Once you hit the 'send' button:

  1. The message gets passed from eTXT onto the carriers (eg. Spark, Vodafone, 2 Degrees) using our gateway
  2. The carriers pass the message onto the handset/phone
  3. The handset sends a 'delivery receipt' back to the carrier to let them know it has received the message
  4. The carrier passes the delivery receipt back to eTXT
  5. The sent message changes status to 'Received'

There are 11 different delivery statuses you can get:

Sent: The message has been passed on from eTXT to the carriers, but eTXT hasn't received the delivery receipt saying that the message was delivered

Unreachable: When sending to incorrect/no longer in use numbers

Reject: The gateway is rejecting or not recognizing the number

Expired: eTXT will try send the message for 24-72 hours before it gives up and will Expire.

Disallowed: If a user tries to send a text to a number they are not authorised to

Not received: When sending to incorrect/no longer in use numbers

Received: The message has been sent and the handset has sent back confirmation that the message was delivered

Queued: Generally due to slow connectivity, either the message gets sent out if issue resolved in time, else the queued message might end up in any of the above fields

Blocked: The number is on your Blocked Numbers list, so the message cannot be sent. You can view this under Contacts > Blocked Numbers

Error: Caused by either bad network connectivity or the gateway not responding

Inadequate funds: Not relevant for eTXT as all accounts are post-paid